Social Media: Thinking Cup is doing it right.

The other day I'm scrolling through my newsfeed on Twitter and came across this marvelous tweet by the Thinking Cup, a local coffee shop in downtown Boston.

Thinking Cup just gets it. We all buy coffee. We all know coffee is good.

"It's morning somewhere." That's something that we all know, but don't ever think about. I like to think of tweets as "mini-thoughts," and that definitely was one. Some marketers may say, "well it was only favorited once so who cares?" But the reality is, not everyone responds via social media and not everyone who will respond follows through. Creativity is something people appreciate. We read hundreds of tweets from brands a day, saying the same things in the same ways. The Thinking Cup may not know how many more people came in that late afternoon, but they also may not know how many people wouldn't have.

During midterm week, I chose to visit Thinking Cup as I needed a change of pace from the library, and to relax. I loved the music they were playing that day;  during my 30 minute break I felt zero stress.

Later on that day I decided to follow them and like their Facebook page, and as a result I began thinking about them more than usual. Not just because I was subscribing to their posts, but because I wasn't scrolling past them like I do others.

Back to the tweet. It was a Friday—the official start to my weekend was an hour away. I was about to leave work, and once I read that I felt peaceful. I wanted a cup of coffee. Keep in mind I don't normally drink coffee after 11am, so I felt this was extremely effective. When I read tweets, I like to imagine what they would sound like when spoken, and I feel that this tweet would sound peaceful and content. As Thinking Cup continues to serve amazing coffee, and equally amazing tweets, I have no doubt in my mind they will see business grow farther than Tremont Street. (#2 is coming soon on Hanover in the North End!)

Thinking Cup #2!

Thinking Cup #2!


I may be a bit dramatic, but I couldn't think of a single tweet by a business that has truly stuck with me. This is definitely one I'll never forget.