DIY: Studded Jacket Journal

In my spare time when I'm not outdoors, I like to craft things!  I was looking through a bunch of DIY blogs and pages, and I just could not decide on a single project so I came up with my own. 

I LOVE Moleskine journals. They are cute, simple, and the paper is perfect to write on with my favorite pen. (Which happens to be the Pilot G-2.)

Unfortunately, I neglected to take photos throughout my process which I know is crucial for a DIY tutorial. So this isn't much of a tutorial, but I am proud of the finished project so I will put it on display!

What You  Will Need:

  • A journal
  • Sleeve from a jacket/fabric of choice
  • Studs
  • An old zipper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

How I Did It: I cut the sleeve down the seam to open it up, so I could line up the edge with my journal. I began to glue onto the journal directly and then pressed the jacket on, one edge at a time. I decided to fold the extra fabric onto the inside for a cleaner look and I glued that to the inside cover. Once the fabric was glued, I chose some studs to place in the empty spaces that did not have triangles. The back was kind of boring so I glued the zipper to the back, and voila!

I've written on maybe three pages in the journal, so maybe now that it's cuter, I might actually put it to use! ;)

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