My experience working with the TODAY Show at FaneuilHall Marketplace

TODAY show came to Boston as part of their 'TODAY' show Friday Field Trip, and luckily for me Faneuil Hall Marketplace was their destination. 

I anxiously awaited the approval to begin the 140-character frenzy, when my wait was happily shortened once Al Roker spilled the beans. He was in Boston surveying the impending doom snowstorm Nemo would ensue, and couldn't handle the excitement. So the gloves were off! (Literally so I could type)

Throughout the week we began promoting the event, encouraging everyone to join us at 6:30am in 30 degree weather, to be a part of the live audience! Using the hashtag #TODAYinBoston on Twitter, we engaged in everyone's excitement preparing for the broadcast. Little did we know people would show up at 3am! Now that’s dedication.

I snapped a few pics as I walked in to start my work, at about 4:30am. It would have been pitch black outside, were it not for NBC’s studio lights, which were warmed up and ready for action. People were already lined up by the gates with coffee, friends, gloves, and witty neon homemade signs. 

Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie began to greet fans and prepare for broadcast around 6:30am, and boy did the crowd go wild. I haven’t heard that much noise that early in the day since the morning of the Powder Puff football game in high school. (Is this what getting old feels like?!) 

It was fun maneuvering around the crew’s cameras, cords, and lights as I took photos with my phone and the camera. Every Tweet, Instagram, and FB photo was carefully selected to give a range of experiences on each platform. It was thrilling to see the mentions and likes roll in as the broadcast continued. We wanted those who couldn't make it to feel involved!

About midway into the broadcast, Mindy Kaling approached my side, who was sweet as could be! She was anxious to greet the fans and was shocked to hear they had been screaming her name since 3am. After her first few shots with Matt & Savannah, she took a lap around the gates, taking photos and chatting with fans. If anyone can walk gracefully through the cobblestones of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, it was Mindy. Until the brick decided to pull a fast one, and clutched the stem of her heel out from underneath her.

As the Boston Herald writer put, “a young woman knelt to her aid.” I did exactly that. She was so humble and felt awful that I knelt down to help her put her heel back on, but I knew it would be difficult to balance on the bricks with one fuchsia heel secure and the other stuck in the ground. “I feel like Cinderella,” she quickly announced. She was certainly Boston’s princess that day, and was incredibly grateful for such a homecoming experience.

Mayor Menino joined the stellar guest lineup and spoke with Matt & Savannah briefly about all the joys and wonders Boston has to offer. What better way to celebrate Boston than with a performance from the Dropkick Murphys? The Quincy Market building was flooded with “wicked” good vibes as they played “Rose Tattoo,” it was the perfect way to end the show. 

All in all it was a great morning. Everyone in the crew was excellent to work with, and I managed to stay out of the way, live post the broadcast, all without a single drop of coffee. I’d say it was a successful morning. 

photo 18.JPG