Video on Instagram. WHY.

It's only a few hours old, but these are my immediate thoughts. (Literally I wrote this 10 minutes upon updating)


When I downloaded Instagram in 2010 I had no idea it would be what it is today. I grew to love it as a place where I could see beautiful photos from moments my friends and artistic strangers would share. As new photo apps have rolled out over the years I've enjoyed following artists, photographers, fashion bloggers, etc. on Instagram to fill my feed with inspiring photos. 


The simple and beautiful feed I once had is now gone. Blurry sreencaps are displayed with a long loading time and it has slowed the experience down. Wasn't the idea of Instagram to view beautiful photos INSTANTLY? 

It's no longer Instagram, it's Facebook's version of Instagram. Facebook continually finds ways to create ugly and cluttered displays and now it's putting that vision into Instagram. The appeal to Instagram is that it is a separate app away from all the different mediums Facebook has. What's next, text updates? 

I may sound bitter, and that's because I am. I like change and I like new things. But this directly shifts from what Instagram was meant to be and it's benefits. I liked Vine because I can choose to  visit the app when I want to see short videos my friends are posting. Now with Instagram I don't have a choice. Yes I can change autoplay but now I'll have even more visuals of blurry nights out with blaring music in the background. I liked that I could separate who I follow on Instagram and on Vine. Some people take better photos than video, some take better video than photos. Now it's merging, further reminding me of Facebook, which I hate using.  


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I definitely will be more picky about which accounts I choose to follow... Let me know what you think about video on Instagram! I bet you see something I don't.


2017: I toyed with the idea on deleting this but I can't stop laughing at myself for writing this! I guess I was really passionate about it lol.