Another one of those blog posts on how to beat the Mondays

I may not be a morning person, but I certainly know how to tackle a case of the "Mondays." Here are some of my ideas and tips on how to turn Monday into less of an "ugh" and more of an " :) "

Give yourself something to look forward to

I've found that planning something for your day will immediately make it better. Mondays can bring fear for the upcoming week, when really it's just another day. Plan dinner or lunch with a friend! Even if you plan "alone time" for yourself later, the thought of something good later in your day will keep you motivated. 

Wear your favorite outfit

I'm a firm believer that your clothes can affect your mood. Wear your favorite outfit or at least one that's comfortable. If you don't like what you're wearing it will only add to the grumpiness of the day. Great outfits can make anyone feel confident! The last thing you want is to wish you were home and could change, you'll be thinking about it the whole day! Choose an outfit that you love and feel great in, trust me it will help.

Wake up earlier so you don't have to rush

I'm not a morning person but I definitely am happier when I can take my time to get ready and start the day with breakfast and coffee. Those 30 extra minutes that you spent pressing the snooze button surely won't make you feel well rested. Skipping the shower will only make you feel gross later in the day! Wake up early so you have time to start the day, before you start the day. I read that in Darling Magazine and it changed my life!

Treat yourself to one of your favorite things

This doesn't mean you have to spend money, but could mean you take some time out of your day to read your favorite magazine, or finally make that DIY project you saw on Pinterest. If you do have some money to spend, go to your favorite cafe, or bookstore. Do something you love. You'll feel better and it will put you in good spirits throughout the rest of your day! 

I hope these ideas helped, I certainly experience the Sunday blues when I plan the day ahead before falling asleep. But that's why I try to do one of these the next day! I'm not one to quote those goofy feel good inspiration quotes all the time, but I definitely believe you have the power to make your day great. If you declare it to be a bad day ahead then it probably will be.

DECIDE you'll have a great day and you will. Just remember that the people who may try to ruin your day just don't know how to tackle Monday, be patient and maybe give them a few pointers. ;)